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The next big wave

Thanks for swimming by. Chances are you’ve already paddled in the waters of virtual reality but want to understand more about its depths and currents? Well you’ve come to the right place – let the team at Blue Ocean VR help you take the plunge into this strange new immersive world.

We specialize in interactive virtual and augmented content for mobile and web applications, game consoles, and emerging hardware tech.



We deliver applications for cross-platform and cross-media solutions.


Immersive films for VR headsets and mobile.


Unity is one of the major platforms driving engaging VR experiences.


For console, web and mobile. `{`SONY Playstation partner`}`


Get your rendering done with us on our 64 core render farm.


Creative 2D and 3D design solutions for communications.


Custom human motion capture for film animation.


Architectural and prototype product visualization.

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Architecture Unity

Unity Architecture from Blue Ocean Studios on Vimeo.

3D architectural render of house in the Altos de Mar neighborhood in Miami Beach, modeled in Maya to be viewed as a 360 degree VR walk-through experience in Unity. This project is compatible on the Oculus Rift and PS4 platforms.


Application developed for iPad, iPhone and Android 5+ rated PEGI 3. A reading skills primer app to help evolve interest in literature. Inspire creativity and foster the love of reading in your child. Encourage the appreciation of classic literature and visual arts in today’s mobile and digital age. The colorful pages beautifully enhance storytelling, while engaging young readers to follow the text. Watch fully 3D animated movies. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

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The Seven Seas For Seven Islands

A VR game developed for Sony Playstation for commercial release in 2018. The world of The Seven Seas For Seven Islands exists in a trans-dimensional universe. This alternate, futuristic, magical and fantastic universe is home to a wide variety of creatures, monsters and human characters who live upon the seven islands that float amongst the stars. They are not islands divided by water however, they are separated by the oceans of time which can be crossed by any means possible: by boat, riding a whale or on an intergalactic starfighter.

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3D Rendering

Architectural rendering of a 9 screen movie theater in Nassau, Bahamas


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